Conducting a Financial Campaign

United Way of Washington County, TN is involved in fundraising activities from January through December of each year, however, there is a concentrated effort during September, October, and November.  This is called our "United Way Campaign".

The planning for each year's "United Way Campaign" begins in January with the selection of a Campaign Chairperson.  The Campaign Chair, with the help of the Board of Directors and United Way staff, select Division Chairs and Co-Chairs to head each of the twelve Divisions. 

The Campaign Divisions are:

Food Services
Health Services
Leadership Giving


The Campaign Chair also selects a Publicity and an Education Chair.

The Board President appoints the Campaign Committee.  It is this committees' responsibility to set the campaign theme, the overall goal, division goals and prepare for and conduct the campaign in harmony with the policies of the United Way.

Each Campaign Division Chair is responsible for recruiting Key Workers.  The number of Key Workers varies from four to fifteen by division.

After all the Campaign Chairs and Key Workers have been recruited there will be an Orientation and Training Session by the United Way staff.

It takes approximately 120 volunteers, not counting our 30 volunteer members of our Board, to conduct the annual United Way Campaign.  The campaign is started with a Local United Way Kickoff.  This is a luncheon held for our volunteers and local businesses.

Following the kickoff the Key Workers begin distributing contribution packets to all the local businesses.  They are required to follow-up with each business to insure they have their employee campaign and the completed packets are turned in to the United Way office.

Report Meetings are held during the months of October, November and December to keep the campaign workers and the public informed on our progress toward reaching the established goal.