2018-2019 Board of Directors

Rick Van Hoever (Board Chair)

Kim Holley (Vice Chair)
Cary Street Partners

Melissa Steagall-Jones (Chief Financial Officer)
Blackburn, Childers & Steagall

Stephen Dixon (Treasurer)
Bank of Tennessee

Stephen Darden (Attorney)
Hunter, Smith & Davis

Gary McAllister (2018 Campaign Chair)

Dr. Debra Bentley (2018 Allocations Chair)
Johnson City Schools

Dr. Keith Johnson (Education & Marketing Chair)
East Tennessee State University

Jeff Keller (Strategic Growth Implementation Chair)
Merrill Lynch

Margaret Davis (Human Resources Chair)

Kristan Ginnings (President & CEO)
United Way of Washington County, TN

Haowei Claire Tong (2018-2019 Agency Representative)
Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachains

Molly Austin
Food City

Ben Berry 
TruPoint Bank

John Bradley
Atmos Energy

Yvette Bryan
First Tennessee Brokerage

Dr. Daryl A. Carter
East Tennessee State University

Shannon Castillo
Mitch Cox Realty

Zac Clark
Johnson City Cardinals

Donna Depew

Jeff Derby
News & Neighbor

Mark Eades

Michael Estes
People's Community Bank

Matt Evans
HomeTrust Bank

Mark Finucane

Tammy Gorzka
KATZ Americas

Sabra P. Hayden
Eastman Credit Union

Kenny Lawrence

Gary Mabrey
The Chamber of Commerce

Paul Montgomery
Northeast State Community College

Judy Moss

Doug Stanley
General Shale